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Professor's heart-breaking email to Imran Khan

Saturday, September 7, 2013
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                                                                                                       August 13, 2013
Dear Imran Khan,
I hope you’ll be feeling well. (Few lines Hidden). Unfortunately, neither any government in Pakistan in the past has considered education as a vital means for change in the termite eaten society nor has attached any special significance with it and given it preference to systematize any betterment through it. Usually those who have no knowledge of the true spirit of education are placed in the department or those bureaucrats who lost their authenticity and validity in other departments are placed here. Without education, no state and society has ever shown drastic change and development in it and it lagged behind in the race of progress in almost all walks of life. The sector of education in our country, especially, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa is full of corruption.
I can cite the example of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan. More than 20 billion rupees are spent in the jurisdiction of Government Postgraduate College Mardan, a temporary campus of Abdul- Wali Khan University Mardan which is to be vacated in a year or so because this college was handed over to the administration of Abdul- Wali Khan University Mardan merely for five year period. Better the University authorities could have spent this big amount of money on the construction of the University in the land purchased for it. But they preferred to spend it in the temporary campuses to earn money as soon as possible. Second, these expenses will give them opportunities to earn more money in the construction for second time.  The double expenses: one in the temporary campus of Govt Postgraduate College Mardan and the second on the construction in the actual campus of the University show the satanic trap of corruption. Second, thousands of employees are hired in the violation of law and standing rules and regulations and violation of the University Act and at least 25 writ petitions have been filed against Abdul-Wali Khan University Mardan in the Peshawar High Court.
 Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan is at the top in corruption because it opened three campuses in Mardan, one in Dir, one in Bunner, one in Swabi, one in Chitral, one in Pabbi, one in Charsadda in primary schools, technical centers and parts of colleges which is not more than a fun. The main objective was not education and research but the appointment of employees, especially from grade 1-16, without giving any advertisement in different dailies, the posts were on sale and the VC earned a lot of money through it.
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Secretary Higher Education and Secretary Finance Khyber Pukhtunkhwa allocated finances at least 520 million rupees, in 52 months, from public exchequer to Govt Postgraduate College Mardan through it had been declared as a constituent college of Abdul-Wali Khan University Mardan and was no more a government college of the Higher Education Department Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. This amount of money was allocated in the violation of finance rules.
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The selection process of the employees is in the violation of the University Act. Nepotism and favoritism is crystal clear in the selection. Three to Six persons are employed from one and the same family. (Line hidden). Majority of these employees are the workers of ANP & PPP. The University has been changed into the center of ANP & PPP. The provincial Govt of PTI in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa has not yet taken any notice in this regard. Who will take care of it?  It is becoming a test- instalment for your party Govt in KP. The poor & helpless people are simply looking to you (Lines hidden).
Moreover the former Govt of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa threatened education due to favoritism and nepotism. Mostly the junior most and less experienced persons were placed against the senior posts which encouraged party politics in the education sector. In this regard many examples can be cited.
1)      The teachers of Peshawar University belonging to the Friends Group (an off-shoot of ANP in University of Peshawar) were placed as VCs in different Universities.  For example, University of Peshawar,  Bacha Khan University Charsadda,  Abdul-Wali  Khan University Mardan, Kohat University of Science & Technology, Kohat,  University of Swabi, University of Malakand, University of Swat  & University of Haripur.
2)       Raza Shah, a relative of Asfandiar Wali khan is placed as CPO in Higher Education Department.
3)       Himayat-ullah a relative of Asfandiar Wali khan was placed as Chairman BISE Abbottabad, then Chairman BISE Mardan and now working as Chairman Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Textbook Board Peshawar.
4)      A number of junior employees in BPS 19 but favorites of the former provincial Govt were posted against senior posts as Chairmen, the posts of BPS 20, in BISE Peshawar, BISE Mardan, BISE Malakand, BISE Swat, BISE DI Khan, BISE Kohat, BISE Bannu and BISE Abbottabad and these Boards have become centers of corruption.
5)      People having no concern with the field of education were placed in the Secretariat of Higher Education Department.
6)      An Associate Professor of Pak studies in University of Peshawar namely Fazli Rahim Marwat was placed as Chairman Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Textbook Board Peshawar and VC Bacha Khan University of Charsadda at the same time.
     I humbly request you to look into the matter and direct the Provincial Government of your party in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa to order and ensure a thorough inquiry in this regard by extremely sound and judicious persons so that the corruption done in Abdul-Wali Khan University Mardan is found out, eliminated and those who have done it are brought to the book and merit and fair play is ensured which is the dire need of society where a sound and fair Government works. Those believing in fairness, merit, talent and justice will greatly appreciate it and will become the initiation of fair politics, the service of humanity in the true spirit (Line hidden).
With best wishes,
Yours Sincerely.
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PTI government initiating new tourism projects

Thursday, September 5, 2013
The PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is starting new projects for the promotion of tourism in the province and in this connection a modern ferry service is being started in River Indus and River Kabul. This was told to chairman, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan at a meeting in Chief Minister's House. 

The PTI chief was told the provincial government had already purchased a ferry, which has seat capacity of 50 passengers. The service would be operated in D I Khan, Khairbabad (Kund) and Nowshera while similar ferry service on the pattern of developed countries would also start in other rivers of the province. Under the tourism promotion scheme, a special train service would also be operated between Nowshera to Attock Khurd. The meeting was told that the ferry service will also prove helpful in seeing the rare-specie of dolphin in Indus and special tour would also be arranged for this purpose. 

Furthermore, the meeting was told that new tourist spots have been discovered in Naaran, Kaghan, Galiyat, Swat, Dir and Chitral, which would be opened for tourists to lessen pressure on the existing tourist spots in the province. Speaking on the occasion, PTI chief, Imran Khan, stressed taking special measures for the protection of environment and discouraging of trees, forests and constructions in the tourists attractive areas. 

The meeting decided that for taking steps for arresting environmental pollution in the already existing tourist spots and hiring of the services of national and international experts for the development of new tourism spots and their protection from pollution. The provincial government would make efforts for provision of facilities to tourists and instead of the construction of hotels, houses and guest houses near the natural pools and springs would establish tent villages to prevent the pollution of environment. 

The authorities of tourism department told the meeting that with the co-operation of youth they are initiating new schemes for the promotion of tourism. Under which the participants of tours will be provided opportunity to precious species of birds and young volunteers will collect plastic bags, empty bottles and cans from the tourist spots and maintain their natural beauty. Similarly, youth will also participate in cycle rallies, hiking and races and all such activities would be organised in the tourists' spots. 
On this occasion, Chief Minister, Pervez Khattak said that the revival of tourism related activities and promotion will not only stabilise the economy of the province, but also help attracting youth towards healthy activities. For keeping youth of the province busy in social, cultural, educational and extra-curricular activities seven "Youth Centres" have been established at divisional level for highlighting their talents. For these centres advisory councils have also been constituted at divisional level, which will be comprised of youth organisations, officials of youth affairs, elected public representatives and players. 
The PTI chief was further told that sites for the establishment of Youth Centres have been identified at divisional level and funds have also been arranged. The centres will be become functional by September 30, 2013. These centres will organise seminars, workshops and debates and will provide an opportunity for the youth to attend healthy activities. PTI chief said that the volunteers of PTI will also be included in these centres. He said that playgrounds and stadiums would be established in all 69 tehsils of the province and the conditions of the already existing stadiums would be improved. 

Sky Train project KPK

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

PESHAWAR: With growing traffic congestion irking all time high to the citizenz of Peshawar, PTI’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government decides a landmark project for Peshawariites.
The provincial government has planned to run ‘Sky Train from Chamkani to Hayatabad area of the city.
According to officials, the project would require, however, massive funding and would provide relief to locals regarding traffic flow.
“The World Bank has shown interest in starting the Sky Train project in the provincial capital of the province,” they further said.
Senior Minister Sirajul Haq has confirmed that the provincial government is planning the launching of sky train for which the WB has shown interest.

Robot Surgery machines to be installed in Peshawar hospitals

Monday, August 5, 2013

Peshawar, July 28 2013 (PPI-OT): The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Health and Spokesman of the provincial government, Shaukat Ali Yousafzai has said that the PTI led provincial government would install Robot Surgery machines in the tertiary hospitals of Peshawar to introduce new trends in the field of surgery in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, adding that necessary training for the surgeons would be arranged for the purpose.
This, he stated, while addressing the handing over ceremony of medical equipments of Rs.70 million to the heads of different departments of Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) donated by UNHCR at KTH Peshawar on Saturday. Provincial Minister for Local Government, Inayataullh Khan, MPAs Mian Khaliq ur Rahman and Fazle Elahi, Chief Executive KTH Dr. Umar Ayub, MS Zafar Iqbal Afridi, heads of different departments of KTH,

Smeda preparing five-year plan of KP's three potential sectors

Provincial chief, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (Smeda), Javed Iqbal Khattak, is working on the preparation of five-year development plan for three potential sectors of mineral, horticulture and tourism of the province. Talking to Business Recorder, he said that the development plan is being prepared in consultations with the stakeholders and would be shared with the provincial government. 

He said that in mineral sector, the authority is focusing on four different minerals including marble, chromites, gypsum and coal. On the other hand, he said the authority is also increasing focus on educated youth, particularly the graduate of vocational institutions to refine their ideas and take them towards commercialisation and convert it into a proper form of business.

In this connection, he said the authority would cooperate with provincial government to extend financial assistance to the upcoming cohort of the professional educational institutions and provide opportunity for the people in
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